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Iskra MIS d.d.

Iskra MIS d.d. was established with the merger of Iskra Stikala d.d. and Iskra Instrumenti d.d., two companies with a long tradition of producing high quality low voltage switchgear and electrical measuring instruments.

Why should you choose us? Iskra MIS d.d. has significant advantages in producing low voltage switchgear, electrical measuring instruments and related services:
quality products
high level consumer confidence
expert knowledge
high technological levels of our products
reputation of our trademark

What kind of products do we produce for your electro-technical projects?
In the field of low voltage switchgear we produce:
motor protection switches
switches for differential current
installation circuit breakers
installation contactors
low voltage circuit breakers
load switches.

Our products in the field of electrical measuring instruments are:
measuring centres
measuring transducers
energy meters
analogue, digital and portable meters
didactic programme
controllers and sensors.

We develop our own software for:
measuring centres
measuring transducers
energy meters
power meters and power factor meters.

We also offer our own technology for printing dials for analogue instruments. We have a certified laboratory for instrument calibration and appropriate equipment for PCB assembling and control.

We work in the field of switchgear and measuring and regulation techniques in classical (relay) or programmable (computer) process and regulation techniques:
manufacture of electrical equipment:
        - hoists (gantries, builders’ hoists, warehouse hoists etc)
        - custom machinery and equipment (shipyards, automobile
          industry, ironworks, mines)
        - warehouse automation
supervision and start-up

On our web site you can find more information about our products and services. For additional questions, wishes or remarks register yourself on Registration Form and request additional information about our products and services. If you want to download our software, you also have to register yourself on Registration Form.

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