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History of the Company

Iskra MIS is a new company, but with long tradition. It is the result of a merger of two companies Iskra Instrumenti d.d. and Iskra Stikala d.d. Each of them has more than 50 years of tradition in the field of measuring instruments and switchgear. Therefore, when we are speaking of history we must look at the history of two companies.

History of Iskra Stikala d.d.:

1947 – Development of rotary and cam switches
The period after the Second World War was also a time of a ceaseless quest for a production programme that could be realised with the available machinery and people waiting for work. Numerous different products appeared in production in this post-war period in the Savska loka location in Kranj, some of which expanded in later decades into successful production programmes. It is recorded, for example, that the development of rotary and cam switches began in 1947 and 1948, although these two products have remained in production only as essential components of other Iskra products.

1948 – First branch head of switchgear appointed

The coexistence of functionally, technologically distinct products, for different markets, in a unified factory called ISKRA - tovarna za elektrotehniko in finomehaniko Kranj required a more suitable organisational business solution soon after its founding. This was one of the most important reasons for the gradual formation of production branches, which began after 1948. Among them, the initial branch of installation materials was eventually developed into the switchgear branch. The rotary switch was developed into its own branch at the end of 1948 and, at the start of 1949, the independent market path of the Iskra switchgear branch. Under the organisation, the head of the branch co-ordinated all activities connected with the product. The first branch head for switchgears was Pavel Kryštufek.

1953 – Production of switchgear increased by 58%
Statistics show that in 1952, the switchgear (or installation materials) branch represented 2.1% of the total production of the factory, and that in 1953, in comparison with the previous year, the production of this branch increased by a full 58%. More important than these numbers for this period is that development then started of a new line within the switch gear branch - contactors and protective switches.

before 1960 – First contactors came into production
The first type of contactors had already come into production before 1960. In the following five years, it was followed by a further seven sizes, bimetal relays in three versions, four types of cam switches, micro switches, motor protection switches, etc. All these products were well received on the market, and as the market developed, new needs and wishes also emerged.

1970s- 1980s – Co-operation agreement with VEB Elektroapparatewerke
A co-operation agreement concluded with the then East German factory, VEB Elektroapparatewerke, also contributed to satisfying the market in the seventies and eighties. Of the total volume with which the switch gear branch supplied the market in 1974, 44% came under the heading of this co-operation.

1980 – Production growth increased 200 times in 20 years
The switchgear branch increased the value of production between 1961 and 1980 by almost 200 times. 1962 was also important for the history of the switch gear branch because it then obtained new premises in the Špik textile factory (on Sava road in Kranj), which had ceased production.

History of Iskra Instrumenti d.d.:
1947 – 1961 Start of the production of measuring instruments
After establishment of the company in Kranj, the first measuring instruments came on the market in 1948. The production programme was gradually expanded from instruments with a moving iron for mounting to instruments with a moving coil and electro-dynamical systems for watt-meters.

1961 – 1964 Start of the production in Otoče
In August 1961, the production line was moved to the present location in Otoče. This was a new landmark which was marked by approaching the industrial way of work, introduction of demanding technological operations and searching for successful organisational forms. At the beginning, Iskra Kranj - Tovarna merilnih instrumentov Otoče had 137 employees.

1986 – 1987 Modernisation of production
Considerable investments were made in this period. We finished the construction of a new assembly hall (3,700 m2), and bought new equipment for production and services. We purchased the first CNC machines for tool shop and turning needs.

1991 Establishment of a limited company
When Slovenia became independent, 42% of the market was lost over night. We established a limited company, adapted to quickly changing market conditions, lowered costs and searched for the possibilities to survive in difficult economic conditions.

1997 Completion of privatisation, formation of a joint-stock company

2005 Merger with Iskra Stikala d.d. into Iskra MIS d.d. (Iskra Measuring Instruments and Switchgear)
… and the new era begins!

Development of logos on products of Iskra Stikala d.d.:

Through the whole history products of Iskra Stikala d.d. wear the same logo:

Development of logos on products of Iskra Instrumenti d.d.:

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