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Miniature Circuit Breakers RI60 back


Auxiliary changover contact (PKJ)
Signal changeover contact (SKJ)– for signalling the switched--off position of circuit breaker caused only following trips: elektromagnetic,thermal,shunt trip coil.In a case of manually switching-off the circuit breaker the state of signal contact will remain unchanged.
mounted on the left hand side of circuit breaker
Testing button functions:

        - PKJ (2 PKJ)– auxiliary changeover contact,,or a pair of auxiliary
          changeover contacts. The contact state indicates the state of
          main circuit breaker contacts

        - PKJ +SKJ -auxiliary changeover contact and signal changeover

          1. signaling the state of signal contacts
          2. testing the control circuit by tender pushing the button up
              and down without  changing the state of circuit breaker
              contacts RI 50

Data sheets:

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