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System Solutions
System Solutions

Iskra MIS d.d. is a solution provider in different projects especially in the fields of electric energy generation and distribution. We offer you the solutions for:
- automation of industrial processes
- robotisation
- panel boards equipment
- equipment of compressor stations

- electrical equipment and assembly of hoists and gantries
- warehousing automation

Electric energy generation and distribution:
- management of small power stations
- system for detection of cut transmission lines

Electrical energy cost reduction:
- reactive energy compensation
- electric energy costs optimisation

- electrical equipment for hoists and gantries
- warehousing automation

Electric motors inspection:
- startup and stoppage
- prediction of breakdowns

Civil engineering:
- control system for asphalt plants

- installation cabinets
- electrical equipment for swimming pools
- automatic house and garden doors opening

All the above menitoned solutions are only a part of our offer. If the field you are interested in is not stated above, we can find a solution for you. Our own, high-quality products are built in the projects. If they are not available in our company, we buy them from our partners worldwide. For all projects from the field of low- voltage engineering, please, contact us by e-mail: .

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