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System Solutions
System for detection of cut transmission lines back

Half-insulated overhead transmission lines have many advantages. However, they can also be very dangerous for people and animals if they break. In cooperation with Elektro Gorenjska d.d., a public company for distribution of electrical energy and company C & G d.o.o., Iskra MIS d.d. has developed the system for detection of cut transmission lines. The system is used for detection of different errors on middle-voltage overhead transmission lines and transformer stations, like:
- breaking of half-insulated overhead transmission lines
- breaking of other overhead transmission lines
- detection of other errors on 20 kV
- informing about errors on transformer stations (contacts, high voltage fuses, low voltage fuses)

The system consists of:
- the MI 7150 measuring centre
- the MI 480 communication adapter
- the Supervision System web portal

The measuring centre measures more than 50 parameters. It has 2 Mb memory and up to 16 alarms for sending information on a relay output and/or a communication interface.

The MI 480 communication interface is used for data transmission from measuring instruments, via the GPRS communication, to the web portal. SMS messages about exceptional events (alarms) can be sent to a mobile phone. A built-in GSM modem with a SIM card has 2 Mb flash memory for saving collected data and the RS 485 communication interface for communication with other devices in the system.
The Supervision System web portal is used for collecting remote measurements and for their analysis. The MI 480 communication interface can also be set.

The system installation is simple since it can be mounted in the existing installation cabinet.

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