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Site Map
Site Map

    Electrical Measuring Instruments
        Measuring Centres
        Measuring Transducers
        Communication Adapters
        Synchronization Meters
        Energy Meters for Rail Mounting
        Energy Meters with Power Display
        Hour meters and pulse counters
        Power Meters
        Power Factor Meters
        Bimetal Maximum Current Meters
        Combined Bimetal Maximum Current Meters
        Reed Frequency Meters
        Pointer Frequency Meters
        Meters with Limit Contacts
        Educational Programme
        Portable Multimeters
        DC Voltage or Current Meters with Moving Coil
        AC Voltage or Current Meters with Moving Coil and Rectifier
        Meters for Voltage or Current with Moving Coil
        AC Voltage or Current Meters with Moving Iron
        Temperature Meters and Controllers
        Digital Meters with LED Display
        Digital Meters with LCD Display
        Current Measuring Transformers
    Low Voltage Switchgear
        Mini Contactors
        Thermal Overload Relays BR6
        Contactors KNL6 - KNL30
        Contactors KNL40, KNL65
        Contactors KNL 80, 90, 110
        Contactors KNL95 - KNL630/1000
        Contactor Combinations
        Auxiliary Contactors K0
        Capacitor Duty Contactors KC12 - KC60
        Motor Protection Switches MS25
        Motor Protective Circuit Breakers MS32
        Installation Contactors IKA20 - IK63
        Installation Contactors IKA20-R, IKA25-R
        Miniature Circuit Breakers RI60
        Miniature Circuit Breakers CDB3X-32
        Residual Current Circuit Breakers FI, NFI
        Air Circuit Breakers LH/HN
        Load Break Switches LA, LAU, LMU, LAS
        Switch disconnectors BS
        Time relays
    Electric Motors Control and Diagnostics
        Motor Diagnostics
        Motor Startup
    Overvoltage Protection
        EnerPro C
        EnerPro CS
        EnerPro 280
        EnerPro 230CG (10kA)
        EnerPro 220F
System Solutions
    Management of Small Power Stations
    System for detection of cut transmission lines
    Instrument Calibration
        Certified Calibration
        Uncertified Calibration
    Dial Printing Technology
    PCB Assembling
        Assembling PCBs with THT
        Assembling PCBs with SMT
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    Vision of the Company
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