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Low Voltage Switchgear back

Low-voltage switch gears are mostly intended for industry. They can also be used for installations in houses.

Maximal voltage is 1000 V for all products, and maximal permitted current for certain types of switches is up to 4000 A. The following groups of products are available:

Auxiliary contactors (mainly used in industry as elements for control circuits)
Motor contactors (industrial and general application for switching AC and DC motors of various categories)
Installation contactors (used in installations for switching low-inductive and ohmic loads; especially heating, illumination)
Motor protection switches (industrial and general application for motors switching and protection)
Switches for differential current (used in installations as a protective element from shock hazard)
Installation circuit-breakers (used in installations as protection from over-load)
Load switches (used in industry as main switches without protection)
Low-voltage circuit-breakers (used in industry as main switches with protection)
Rotary, proximity, micro and final switches

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