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Electric Motors Control and Diagnostics back

Electric motors damages, failures and outages cost companies a lot of money. To prevent them, electric motors and devices based on them, has to be supervised and controlled, especially at start-up and stop. Our products for electric motors do exactly that. They control and diagnose electric motors and can be divided into two lines:
- MCM for motor condition monitor
- Soft starters MSC and MDS for motor start-up, stop and much more

MCM gives early warning of developing faults in pumps, compressors, fans and similar electric motor based machinery, thus eliminating the need for unplanned repair and maintenance.

MSC energy optimising digital soft starter reduces high starting currents, eliminates inrush currents, enables smooth acceleration to full speed thus removing mechanical stress, reducing wear on mechanical transmission components.

MDS digital soft starter is replacement of star/delta starters, because it fits into the same footprint of a conventional star/delta, so user has the ability to easily replace traditional start/delta starter with MDS soft starter.

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