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The Iskra MIS Electrical Measuring Laboratory (EML) is a guarantee for our customers, that Iskra MIS electrical measuring instruments are safe, reliable and resistant to environment disturbances according to all applicable standards. Additionally, we can offer you wide variety of different calibrations, according to your needs. The laboratory is located at our production plant Otoče, where we produce our electrical measuring instruments. Our staff has much experience in calibrating electrical measuring instruments. We can offer you certified and un certified calibrations for the instruments in the field of power, energy, photometry, AC/DC voltage and current, DC resistance, frequency and time. All our activities and calibrations are in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2002 standard.

EML Address:
Iskra MIS
Electrical Measuring Laboratory
Otoče 5a
SI-4244 Podnart

Staff of EML:
Mr. Franc Praprotnik, head of the laboratory
Mr. Borut Kersnik, specialist
Mr. Darko Skumavec, competent expert

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